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Terms and Conditions

The usage Agreement of Saudi Tourism Multimedia Library launched by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities:

  • Your access to the Saudi Tourism multimedia library is subject to the terms and conditions mentioned below; and to all regulations applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • By accessing this site you agree to these terms and conditions, whether you are a user or a visitor, registered or unregistered. Accessing, browsing and using the site means your unreservedly acceptance of these terms and conditions.
  • Minors and children (persons under the age of adult) are not eligible to use this site unsupervised. They are not allowed to upload any material into the Saudi multimedia Tourism library. Using this site unsupervised, and / or signing up for an account, you warrant that you are an adult.
  • These terms and conditions do not replace any other terms and conditions signed by SCTA and users of the site. Usage of this site and its contents such as multimedia, pictures, videos, documents, souvenirs, tourism products and various online sales made via the site are subject to full unreserved acceptance of the user to the terms and conditions of this site when he/she attempt to register.
  • SCTA has the full right, at its sole discretion and without referring to anyone, to review, modify, delete or add to this terms and conditions; or review, or modify all or any of related conditions and agreements; or develop a policy or guidelines regarding site usage at any time independently and based on its own descretion. All these amendments will be effective immediately after they are published in the site. The user will agree that he / she has no right to be notified about these changes, so, his continuous use to the site, services or buying products following these amendments confirms the user is aware of such amendments, he then has to review terms and conditions, policies and guidelines periodically and continuously.
  • The user agree that SCTA will communicate with him regarding the site, products and services through all means of communication such as email, system messages, or even regular mail, and phone call as necessary.

Important to All Related Entities:

  1. The Site of the Saudi Tourism Multimedia Library is not responsible for any material, picture, file, souvenir, tourism artistic products or publications uploaded by users.
  2. The member who upost any content represent and warrant that he /she is the sole owner of the content and its copyrights including rights of posting and [publishing the content and he /she has obtained the necessary license and permission and consents of contents modules.
  3. The Site of the Saudi Tourism multimedia Library disclaims any liability resulting from claims of the modules and the user understand and agree that he is solely responsible for his own content and the consequences of posting or publishing it.

The Provisions of Uploaded Materials:

  • Conditioned on your compliance with this agreement the Saudi Tourism multimedia Library shall grant you free limited license that enables you to download contents for the purpose of evaluation in order to purchase a license to the content according to the agreements of this site.
  • The License referred to above shall be used for evaluation and for no longer than 30 days from the date of download, to determine whether you intend to obtain a final full license for the content. You may not use the none final licensed content (comp content) in any final materials distributed within your company or any materials distributed outside your company to the public. Such final materials include, without limitation, advertising materials, marketing, and online distribution system (with the exception that it is permissible to broadcast digitally or electronically licensed materials to your customers for preview only). You may not distribute, sub-license, or make available for use, or grant any right to the content.
  • A copy of the licensed material may be made for backup purposes only, be used if the original licensed material becomes defective, destroyed or otherwise irretrievably lost. Except as specially provided in this agreement, the licensed content may not be shared or copied by including it in a disc library, image storage jukebox, network configuration or other similar arrangement. Licensed contents are permitted to be used under the Laws of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The Site of the Saudi Tourism multimedia Library may cancel your license, immediately and without notice, upon your failing to comply with this agreement or any agreement in this site. Upon termination, you must immediately stop using the licensed material and either destroy any digital licensed material or return the material and all copies to the SCTA library site.
  1. The member who uploads materials represents and warrants that the files he uploaded are meeting all technical specifications and conditions of Saudi multimedia Library site.
  2. Any member who uploads a picture, a video, a souvenir or a tourism artistic product shall categorize this material and whether it is uploaded for display only or for online selling.
  3. In all cases, SCTA and its partners shall have the right to use all or any of uploaded material in its publications and advertisements after contact68ing the owner and discuss with him usage issues, and no liability shall be to SCTA.
  4. The user may post content as donation to Saudi multimedia library in order to enrich the photo library, in such case the user has to sign the transfer of property ownership agreement.
  5. It is not allowed to upload third party content which is not under the control of the Saudi tourism multimedia library control who shall bear no liability neither to such third party content nor its terms and conditions; by agreeing to the terms and conditions of Saudi multimedia library the user agrees not to upload any third party content the site then would not bear any responsibility toward this.

Terms of Sales and Purchase:

  1. The site offers to all users Sales and purchase of contents posted for sale.
  2. The Saudi Tourism multimedia Library has the right to purchase any uploaded for sale material, in such case when the site desire to purchase the material, it would be deleted from sales.
  3. The Saudi Tourism multimedia library has the right to set prices to uploaded materials; such prices are final and not negotiable. However, the site shall have the right to modify the price if necessary.
  4. Payment shall be made in Saudi Riyals according to the method set by the site.
  5. In case the site could not get the payment as per the identified method, such as credit cards, the site may attempt to contact the user through his contact number and ask him if he desire to pay in another payment method. The site also has the right to suspend the membership of such member and the member shall pay all losses of SCTA resulted from failure to access his credit card.
  6. If the purchased content is material, the Saudi Tourism multimedia library shall arrange the shipment; shipping fees shall be added to the price. Shipment prices are fixed according to the location and method of shipment. Delivery date would be set after payment.
  7. The Buyer has no right to cancel the transaction after full payment, sold materials are nonrefundable.

General Provisions:

  1.  The Saudi Tourism multimedia Library is allocated by SCTA in order to host multimedia and related services, referred to as the “site”. It provides a space for every user to host, share and sell his/her own pictures and videos that show places, cities and landmarks that support tourism in Saudi Arabia. This site helps in displaying art works such as souvenirs and other tourism artistic products referred to as “materials”.
  2. Once you agree to the terms and conditions agreement, the site gives you the right to access and make use of all advantage of available services p the terms and conditions, provided that:
    • a. Uploaded material shall not violate provisions of Islam, general rules, traditions and customs in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The material also shall conform with the regulations applicable in the kingdom and should not form any violation to Saudi regulations such as slander or defamation , or be obscene, indecent, obscene, disturbing, containing a threat, violating the privacy or publicity rights, carrying abuse or incite, or be hateful, harmful or that could contain fraud.
    • b. Uploaded material shall not contain anything that might establish, promote or provide information cause to commit a crime; or violate rights of any party; or cause any kind of danger on public security or violate any national or international law.
    • c. Uploaded material shall not violate any patent, trademark, or disclose trade secrets or violate copy rights or any intellectual property rights property rights of any party.
    • d. Uploaded material shall not impersonate anyone or any entity, or harm the relationship between the person and others, or between him and other entities.
    • e. Uploaded materials shall not contain any information related to a third party. Such information includes but not limited to address, phone numbers, emails, numbers of social insurance, , credit cards numbers … etc.
    • f. Uploaded material shall not contain viruses, harmful files, corrupting data, or files that might destroy or damage computers.
    • g. Uploaded material, finally, shall not contain any harmful item under the sole discretion of the site, that it is harmful or might restrict or prevent other persons from accessing the site and its services, or that causes any kind of harm, danger or put liability on the shoulder of the site and its users.
  3. Although we prevented some activities by our terms and conditions the site cannot control and bear no responsibility of any material or loss or damage or loss of information resulting from the usage of users to such material, you are solely responsible for your use of this site.
  4. Failure to enforce any right or provision of these terms will not constitute a waiver for the terms and conditions, to enforce the terms and conditions is the absolute discretion of the site. In addition, these terms and conditions shall not constitute any special right or act toward a third party; or constitute any reasonable expectation that the site might not contain a prohibited content according to the terms and conditions.
  5. Although the site does not take any responsibility for testing, monitoring or tracking any uploaded material, the site reserves the right to monitor and track any material and delete it at any time for any reason. So all members shall keep a backup copy of their own materials. has Any user who upload or post a content shall give the site a permanent and exclusive right without consideration to use this content or its name, the site shall have the right to publish and distribute the material through all SCTA publications such as magazines, brochures and other advertisement materials, also to enable SCTA to display the material, provide services, facilitate pictures licensing and selling products through the site. However, the user who uploaded the material shall keep all property rights and copyright of his own material. Once the site desired to purchase any content, then purchase agreement should be signed.
  6. This agreement shall be subject to the rules and regulations applicable in The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as customs, traditions and values of the society of Saudi Arabia. Cases to be submitted to the exclusive Jurisdiction of courts of Saudi Arabia.